Our "UnEarthed" Crystals are personally mined several times a year by the "Rocking" Owners of BECAUSE I ROCK!

These Smoky Quartz and Amethyst Gems are mined in the mountains of Nevada and lakes of Georgia... and are brought to you covered in their original mud, waiting for you to give them life. After over 1 million years in the earth, You will be the first to see it as you "Birth" your own crystal.

Each Kit contains a selection of Smoky Quartz (direct from Hallelujah Junction mine in Nevada) or Amethyst points (direct from Jackson’s Crossroad mine in Georgia) and contains everything you need to “birth” your stone and to let it shine!

"UnEarthed" Smoky Quartz and Amethyst kits are the unique gifts you’ve been looking for! Experience the joy of mining your own crystal by being the FIRST person to see its beauty as you wash off millions of years of mud!