While on a soul searching trip to Mount Shasta, best friends Jazmin & Ivy, help a stranded driver. Who in turn, helps to transform their lives. Magic happened on the mountain that day. Because, as we know, the Universe is always at work.

The stranded driver, “Deer Mark” (named for his unfortunate accident with a deer)... turned out to be a crystal mine owner! Helping these ladies turn their crystal collecting hobby, into a business they love, BECAUSE I ROCK.

Jazmin & Ivy are now "Crystalogists", Miners... and, the first African-American women to own a US crystal mine. Bringing you hand pulled Smoky Quartz and Amethyst treasures that are kept in their original, million year old mud for you to be the first to welcome to the world.

Come experience A New Way To Crystal... BECAUSE I ROCK!

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The popularity of crystals and the upsurge in collecting them has increased dramatically over the past few years. From seminars on how to harvest crystals, to group mining expeditions, the crystal industry has experienced a rebirth of sorts. A large part of this resurgence is being facilitated by Because I Rock, a privately owned firm that helps you find, retrieve and purchase your own crystals.

Because I Rock, founded by Jazmin Erving and Ivy Welburn, have made quite the buzz in the industry and are seen as the new face of mineralogy. Jazmin and Ivy are dedicated to bringing people to the world of crystals, one stone at a time.   

Because I Rock, offers a wide array of interactive experiences that other companies simply do not. Including:
• Peak Experience Crystal Mining Adventure
• UnEarthed Crystal Wash Bar (Best Seller)
• Prescription Crystal Bar
• UnEarthed Crystal Party Box (10 crystal wash kits in one)
• The Young Miners Club

Because I Rock, is designed for the total engagement of the crystal lifestyle.
Jazmin and Ivy, graduates of Spelman and Howard University respectively, came into Because I Rock with a solid business background, which has allowed them to grow the business very quickly. Recently, the ladies have become co-owners of Jackson’s Crossroads, a mine in Georgia, which will allow them to expose more people to the world of stones.

Always looking to the future, Because I Rock will add more mining expeditions and expand the size and level of the Raw Crystal Cleansing Bar, which currently includes smoky quarts and amethyst crystals.

Since the business of crystals chose the ladies of Because I Rock, they firmly believe that the crystals will choose you as well…hence their motto: This Rock Chose You!

If you have been meaning to explore the world of crystals, or you are a seasoned pro, come on in, take a peek and find a new way to crystal and a new way to rock.