FOCUS: Creativity, Manifestation, Concentration


CHAKRA: Third-Eye, Solar Plexus, Sacral, & Root

SCARCITY: Moderately Rare

RESPONSIBLY MINED IN: USA, Mexico, Namibia, Zambia and South Africa.

MINERALOGY: Vanadinite is a lead vanadate chloride that belongs to the Apatite group of minerals. Vanadinite is usually red which the other members of this series and apatite group usually are not. These transparent to translucent stones also occur as orange and occasionally grey and brown.

HOW TO USE: Vanadinite is a stone known for facilitating and expanding the mental process while also promoting action and production. It’s a perfect crystal for long hours of work, studying, or exercising. This stone activates the lower three chakras, giving one the enhanced focus and determination to see long sought out projects come to completion. Vanadinite also activates the third eye and allows for clear thought and patience during these long projects or workouts.

HEALING PROPERTIES: Vanadinite is powerfully connected to your earth chakra. This piece of crystal possesses strong vibrations that will help you accept your own physicality. It will support you in your efforts to turn your dreams to reality! It will surround you with loving and encouraging energies that will keep you motivated all throughout your journey to success, abundance, and happiness.

AREAS OF PLACEMENT: On the Office Desk to help with bringing projects to their full potential. In the Entrance to bring encouragement to all that pass. Near the Bedside to empower your dreams.