Each UnEarthed Smoky Quartz Gem is personally mined by our owners in the mountains of Nevada at the Legendary Hallelujah Junction Mine. Each UnEarthed Amethyst Gem is personally mined by our owners in our lake in Georgia at the Notorious Jackson's Crossroads Mine.

Brought to you covered in their original mud. Waiting for you to give them life. You will be the first to see it as you "Birth" your own crystal.

REVEAL: Open your bag to reveal your “freshly mined” UnEarthed Smoky Quartz or Amethyst Crystal(s).

CLEAN: Use the enclosed brush to clean the millions of years of old mud off of your gem(s).

SHINE: Rinse your crystal(s) with water, then pat dry. Add a few drops of mineral oil, then rub to polish.