COLOR: Black


HEALING PROPERTIES: By creating the right balance between the lower and the upper chakras, the Tektite stones help in inducing the right flow of energy in the wearer’s body.

RESPONSIBLY MINED IN: South-East Asia, Canada and Australia

BIOGRAPHY: The word Tektite comes from the Greek term ‘tektos’ that means molten. Tektites are actually attractive and beautiful gravel shaped bodies consisting of glass. This glass got formed from the terrestrial debris that resulted from meteorite impacts. Having a rich presence of silicon dioxide, the hardness of 5.5-6.5 and an amorphous crystal system, Tektites are welcomed in the jewelry world. The beautiful looking Tektite is found in a few amazing shades including black, grey and few more. 

HOW TO USE: When experiencing blockages in our lower Chakras, Tektites are able to clear the blockages and connect the lower Chakras to our higher ChakrasTektites are believed to improve the psychic abilities of its wearer.

AREAS OF PLACEMENT: On your person