FOCUS: Grounding, Balance, Energy

COLOR: Blue, Green, Gold, & Magenta 


SCARCITY: Moderately Found

RESPONSIBLY MINED IN: Quartz mined in Arkansas then processed with heat.

MINERALOGY: Titanium Aura Quartz is a Quartz crystal that contains Titanium which bonded to the surface after undergoing a special process. The result is a beautiful set of rainbow colors on the crystal, which includes magenta, blue, green, and gold!

HOW TO USE: Rainbow Titanium Coated Quartz carries Water Energy, which is traditionally associated with the North part of your room or home. It’s also connected to your life and career path. It will help you move forward with your goals and add more happiness and satisfaction in all aspects of your life.

HEALING PROPERTIES: This crystal has the ability to enhance your aura and activate your Rainbow body. It will also charge the chakras in your body and restore the peace, balance, and harmony. It will fill your life with meaningful positive energies. It will work to stimulate energy flow.

AREAS OF PLACEMENT: In the bathroom to start your day with good energy. Near the bedside to brighten your day and in pocket to keep you grounded.