FOCUS: Meditation, Sleep, Patience

COLOR: Blue and White

CHAKRA: Third Eye, Throat

SCARCITY: Moderately Found

RESPONSIBLY MINED IN: Virginia, Appalachian Mountains, Brazil

MINERALOGY: Blue Kyanite is an aluminum silicate Mineral that crystallizes in the form of elongated way to structure, as well as the fibrous mass formations. It was first discovered in 1789 by AG Warner and was named after the Greek word “Kuanos” meaning blue.

HOW TO USE: If Stone does not absorb negative energy and help and all healing work such as Reiki.

HEALING PROPERTIES: Blue Kyanite helps one access their mind while expanding their unique psychic abilities. It is known as the great dream decoder and helpful to give answers to all of life’s problems through your dreams. 

AREAS OF PLACEMENT: Lay a piece next to bedside or on your third eye before bed.