FOCUS: Attunement, Healing, Harmony

COLOR: Colorless, Grey with Black Inclusions

CHAKRA: Crown, Third Eye

SCARCITY: Rarely Found

RESPONSIBLY MINED IN: Little Falls, New York

MINERALOGY: Herkimer Diamonds are natural double terminated Clear Quartz crystals. It has a Trigonal shape and was formed 500 million years ago in the Dolomite Outcrops in Herkimer County, NY

HOW TO USE: This April birthstone is best work as jewelry to help in physical healing. Put it near bedside for lucid dreams or near a window to catch the prism of light.

HEALING PROPERTIES: When it comes to physical health, the high frequency of this stone can help sort cellular disorders and imbalances in the body. This diamond amplifies and speeds up healing, helping the body to eliminate toxins, and encouraging healing circulation. This crystal helps with everything from migraines to motion sickness. You will feel more balanced and clear.

AREAS OF PLACEMENT: Bedroom for relaxation, on your area needling healing, and in your hand during meditation.