FOCUS: Rejuvenation, Clarity, Manifestation

COLOR: Brown, White, Rose

CHAKRA: Solar Plexus

SCARCITY: Moderately Found

RESPONSIBLY MINED IN: Mexico, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Tunisia, and Afghanistan

MINERALOGY: A Desert Rose is an intricate rose like formation of crystal clusters of gypsum or baryte which include abundant sand grains. The "petals" are crystals flattened on the c-axis fanning open in radiating clusters. Gypsum takes hundreds of years to form, rather than the majority of crystals and minerals which sometimes take millions and billions of years to form.

HOW TO USE: Hold a Desert Rose and verbally reciprocate what you want from this world and how you plan to get there. Place with other crystals to assist with in transfer of energy.

HEALING PROPERTIES: Many cultures use this gypsum rose to neutralize negative energy from a space or person. It is believed that the stone removes the negative energy and sends it to mother earth to heal. The desert rose selenite meaning is to rid the mind of old thought-processes that we hold that are outdated or overused. 

AREAS OF PLACEMENT: With Other Crystals to enhance their power, Near Bedside to keep negative thoughts out of dreams and at Entryway to keep bad energy out.