Mining Her Business

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We are Jazmin and Ivy, the 1st African-American women to have ownership in a domestic Crystal Mine, and owners of BECAUSE I ROCK.

After two years of successfully growing our unique and innovative business, BECAUSE I ROCK is ready to level up! But first… let us tell you how we got here.

In the summer of 2020, we took our tween daughters on a camping trip in an effort to “get away from it all” during the height of the covid pandemic. On our last day there, we encountered a man in the middle of the road who was desperate for help after an unfortunate collision with a deer.

Little did we know that this stop to help a stranger would be the catalyst to the one of greatest things to happen in all of our lives.

You see, “Deer Mark”, as our tweens so aptly named the stranger, turned out to be a crystal mine owner. Who, in gratitude of his rescue, invited us to his “happy place” a few months later when the mine season began.

We immediately caught the crystal mining bug… and have never looked back. With our new passion for hunting for gems in their purest form, we developed a company that allows you to join us in our “happy place”, BECAUSE I ROCK… A New Way To Crystal.

Offering customers of all ages the unique experience of “birthing” crystals that have been personally mined by the owners and their close partners, BECAUSE I ROCK merges the rock loving worlds of Mineralogists and Crystal Enthusiasts with a product that brings every user closer to the natural wonders of our earth.

In two short years, we have successfully build the foundation to offer wholesale and retail crystal products packaged as gifts and kits as well as providing the service of retail and privately booked events.

Now, it’s time to take it all of the way!

To date, the minimum quantity requirements for what we need have been a challenge. We spend months saving up for an item here or there… but, we know we are ready to go!

With YOUR HELP we can get there! We need new boxes, more efficient displays for events and the manpower to help us succeed.

We are raising funds to:

  • Outfit our Crystal Caboose trailer (arriving July 6th!) that will enhance our presence at larger festivals and for exclusive bookings.
  • Upgrade our packaging with the ability to purchase in bulk; enabling us to push further into the wholesale market and to reach our goal of securing large retail customers.
  • Staff up! Flexibility to hire independent contractors (financial professionals, social media manager, as needed event assistants) that will give us the extra hands to help our business grow.

Our goal is $50,000… with every donation leading up to that making just as much of an impact!

Every donor who contributes more than $100 will receive a Special Edition UnEarthed Trio Kit including (one) Smoky Quartz, (one) Amethyst and (one) Herkimer Diamond.

Thank you in advance for supporting us in this amazing business opportunity!

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