FOCUS: Recharge, Protect, Ground 

COLOR: Black

SCARCITY: Commonly found


RESPONSIBLY MINED IN: California, Brazil

MINERALOGY: The meaning of black tourmaline is grounding and protection. Schorl, as it is also known, is a style of silicate crystal. It is commonly found in trigonal crystal systems and is made of Sodium and Aluminum Borate Silicate.

HOW TO USE: Place this crystal near the entrance of your home or space to keep all dark energy OUT. Put a small piece in clothing, wallet and car - just to keep a crystal bodyguard around you at all times. Try charging at night with a full moon to maximize full energetic power.

HEALING PROPERTIES: Aids in the removal of negative energies within a person or space. Protects your energy and self being. Gets rid of negative thoughts. Grounds your energies to the earth and release anger to cleanse your aura. 

AREAS OF PLACEMENT: Entryway to filter bad energy, Windowsills and Bedside to keep the air clear and cleanse environment.