FOCUS: Revelation, Centering, Truth 

COLOR: Green and Blue 

SCARCITY: Moderate

CHAKRA: Third Eye 


MINERALOGY: Azurite Malachite is a soft, deep-blue copper mineral produced by weathering of copper ore deposits. This is blend of two distinct and popular gems - the deep,- almost lapis blue shades of Azurite with the ombre shades of green malachite create an image of earth with land and sea.

HOW TO USE: Carefully wear as jewelry, as it will amplify emotions.Use this stone in the bedroom to get rid of toxic tendencies to be distrustful, jealous or insecure. Place in the palm of your hands to transgress in mediation and see more clearly.

HEALING PROPERTIES: As a powerful conductor of energy, Azurite Malachite will help to reveal negative thought patterns so that you can cleanse and change them. This protective and centering stone will act as a mirror of your soul and attest to the truths that are within you.

AREAS OF PLACEMENT: Jewelry to keep yourself and those around you honest, Bedroom to remove toxic energy and in your hand during meditation.